Oceanographic Paraphernalia

Nautilus Marine Service is a renown developer and specialist supplier of equipment deployed in ocean, continental and shelf sea research. This gear is designed and built to gather physical, meteorological and/or biological sea data.

Apparatus include: 

  • Electric ROVs and all their necessary storage, launching and operational systems, modular weather stations, wave data buoys, radar systems for measuring wave heights, self-surfacing instrument buoys, acoustic current data collectors etc., many of which are finding new deployment in the emerging offshore wind parks.
  • VITROVEX┬« pressure resistant glass instrument housings capable of withstanding crushing forces encountered at up to 12.000 meter depths. Of borosilicate glass 3.3, the housings have a wide range of sizes and shapes for all kinds of instruments, optional vacuum ports, feedthroughs and mounting frameworks with swivelling sphere fixings. The spherical glass domes can be optically polished for deep sea image acquisition.
  • VITROVEX┬« protective/storage, neutrally buoyant polyethylene interlockable shells, specially braided fibre ropes, thimbles and shackles etc.

Safety Equipment

Furthermore, Nautilus is the single-stop solution for:

  • off-the-shelf IMO/ SOLAS certified safety gear
  • survival suits
  • pneumatic line throwers
  • rescue baskets
  • escape ladders etc.