LINNHOFF Schiffahrt

LINNHOFF Schiffahrt is a forward looking German “Mittelstand” family business holding a portfolio of specialist companies cut to serve the nautical industry. Headquartered in Buxtehude, well located between Germany’s maritime competence regions of Hamburg and Bremen, these companies supply a unique assortment of services:

  • Precision towage
  • Offshore towage for the oil
  • Salvage Tug
  • gas and renewable energy industries
  • Personnel transport over sea per helicopter and/or with boats and ships
  • Helicopter services and maintenance
  • Ship machinery maintenance / VacuTec oil drying systems
  • Nautical engineering for oceanographers
  • Specialized lifting systems for maritime operations
  • Maritime consulting and expertise

LINNHOFF Schiffahrt targets market leadership in every sector of its businesses, which as diverse as their scope may at first sight appear, interface and interact with each other. Common driver for all companies: Peerless technical know-how, state of- the-art equipment, skilled personnel and the highest safety standards for dependable operations on, over and under the sea.